How to Build a Durable House

How to build a durable house in this age?

Careful Plan. Planning carefully should be the start before everything starts as to avoid mistakes in the future.

Land.  The most important is to search a location that is not sinking or moving. Numerous houses were built on sand and the houses were put to danger. When earthquake comes, they can not stand because the land or the surface will break and the house too will break. No matter how good your house is, how strong are your materials, your house surely will not stand firm. It is then recommendable to find a geodetic engineer, even if it costs you, it will be worthy.

Materials. Durable materials are of course more expensive than those that are not. Concrete walls and flooring are the good materials. Never ever spare cement on building walls (this is if you want your house to last long). Choose practicality. The house should also have a rooftop that can no t be blown by the wind. Roofing is very important to resist wind and rain, tornado or some other disaster. You can also sound proof your roof if you want. Strong Windows should be placed. Windows that are not shaken when wind blows.

Construction. Never spare a part which you know is important. For example, reducing the amount of asphalt or cement that you mix, or steel that has to be used. Follow the calculation of every part. If you do not follow, you will face the consequence of putting yourself into danger. This is the legal way to build a house.

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