Most Beautiful Mansions in the World

Most Beautiful Mansions in the World

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Keep your eyes on the most beautiful houses in the world. These houses are also the most expensive ones and that you can also build a house more beautiful than them.

Taohuayuan House in China is absolutely the most beautiful mansion that is located in a very peaceful and quiet location at  Suzhou’s Dushu Lake. The environment is tempting. It is the most expensive mansion in China.

Down-style grandeur in UK. The house is wonderful but it looks like hunted house character.

Leaf house in Brazil. No wonder that this is the most unique house in the whole world having a roof shape of a leaf. It is truly wonderful house looking at it from a distance.

The mansion of Nikolay Sevastyanov. This house is regarded as one of the most beautiful mansions in the world located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Russian Presidents have already entered in the house of this rich owner. Imagine your house being visited by the highest person in your country. How much gratitude the owner felt.

Brazilian Leaf House

Biltmore Manshion. This is not just a mansion type. This is like a house build from another planet. Look at it carefully and you will feel like royal resident in the place. This mansion is built by George Washington vanderbilt II. It is not just mansion but a palace in the fairytale world.

Lyndhurst mansion. Tarrytown, New York resides this stunning mansion in the world. This is not a fairytale house but it really looks like one. It is so adorable that you is so tempting.




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