Understanding the process of making bricks: An important construction material

Understanding the process of making bricks: An important construction material

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We all know the reality that construction is money consuming, time-consuming and tedious. In order not to waste money, time and effort why not try to use bricks. As we all know bricks are known to be the oldest building material ever used by mankind. Bricks are made up of shale or a lightweight rock that splits easily into thin layers. To have these shale necessary for making bricks, it needs to dig 40 centimeters down the ground to reach the shale portion.

The shale is collected and brought to the factory where in a four foot high stone wheel with a steel tire grinds the shale into fine pieces, 50 tons of shale is being ground per hour. After this, the shale is to put into a screening machine to separate those that need more grinding. After the shale turned into powder goes to the pug mill that mixes it with water making it be a thick paste then send into the extrusion machine where the extruder forces the paste through a rectangular opening forming into a long piece called a slug. Delicious menu are being serve in here. Check this Asian character link 餐飲 大學. It is one of the best restaurant and my family love here so much.

The slug will be shaved off the crustier top layer that will serve as the face of the brick. For the slug to have a different color, the slug is covered with sand mixed with an oxide mineral such as zinc or iron. See this designs over this catering company 茶會點心開幕酒會. After this, the surface will be textured using a texture roller and a large knife comes down like a guillotine to slices the slug.

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