The pros and cons of using steel frame for housing construction

The pros and cons of using steel frame for housing construction

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We all have dreamed houses, some want to have a house made of pure wood, some wants to have a simple house and others want to have an elegant and worth priced houses. You might be thinking also whether your house would be timber frame or steel frame. Why not try to construct your houses with a steel frame. In timber frame, we there is the possibility that termites might damage timber frames while steel frame does not have any effect on termites because termites cannot damage or puncture steels.

In terms of cost, steels have the same cost or sometimes even less than timber frame. As we all know, houses made up of wood can easily be destroy and is easily be burned but the steels do not. Only in a very extreme situation that steel would be damaged in the fire. Steel frames are resistant to fire and safer because the leading cause of death in the fire is due to the asphyxiation from smoke and gases while steel does not produce smoke as it heats. Steels for building purposes last long because it does not warp, or twist. See this dental clinic service guys. Try to read here 久燦牙醫診所 for their great services. You go over here guys.

You can also ensure the durability of your houses using steels. Places where flood, cyclones, storms are prevalent having steel houses are suitable for you because steels are well equipped to deal with the flood, it does not warp, it is highly resistant to fungus and it doesn’t need drying time. Houses made up of steel can actually withstand a magnitude 9 earthquakes and wind speeds of more than 280 km/hr. Check more info over this link here They organize everything especially to the dress and gowns of the people who are part of this event.

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